Id Gah Mosque in Kashgar Xinjiang

I’m a political scientist and an international lawyer. My writings explore China, the Islamic world, and the Middle East.

My research and fieldwork have taken me to China, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

I’ve held professorships in several countries — at the University of Chicago, the American University in Cairo, the University of Pennsylvania, Qatar University, the Johns Hopkins Nanjing Center in China, the National University of Singapore, and the Shanghai International Studies University.

Writing and teaching

The Hajj as a global political system

Global civil society across the non-Western world

The Arab Springs and social movements in the Middle East

China’s efforts to integrate Eurasian and African megaregions

The co-evolution of transcontinental civilizations in world history

Law and Consulting

Professor of International Law focusing on the growing influence of China and Islamic countries

Immigration attorney specializing in asylum law

Consultant to the World Bank, the U.S. Department of State, and several foreign governments

Advisor on Islamic finance and banking

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