Hajj and Politics

The Hajj and Politics in Contemporary Turkey and Indonesia

In Hajj: Global Interactions through Pilgrimage (Mededelingen van het Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde). Edited by Luitgard Mols and Marjo Buitelaar. Sidestone Press.



Chinese translation of The Hajj and Politics in Contemporary Turkey and Indonesia, Religion and American Society, Fudan University Institute of International Studies, October 2015,


The Hajj and Politics in China

In Muslim Pilgrimage in the Modern World. Edited by Babak Rahimi and Peyman Eshaghi. North Carolina University Press.


Reimagining the Hajj

Social Sciences, Special Issue Understanding Muslim Mobilities and Gender. Edited by Viola Thimm.


Hajj by Air

In The Hajj: Pilgrimage in Islam. Edited by Eric Tagliacozzo and Shawkat M. Toorawa. Cambridge University Press.


The Hajj in Everyday Life

In Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East. Edited by Donna Lee Bowen, Evelyn A. Early and Becky Schulthies. Indiana University Press.

Travel for Religious Purposes

Oxford Islamic Studies Online



سفر برای اهداف مذهبی

Hajj, Women’s Patronage of: Contemporary Practice

In Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women. Edited by Natana Delong-Bas. Oxford University Press.

حج، حمایات زنان از، عمل معاصر



In The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration. Edited by Immanuel Ness. Blackwell Publishing.


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